Wellness Intelligence by Holistics International
Get to KNOW your target! 
Digital Solutions for the
 Wellness Industry
 We are building the most advanced machine learning 
platform in the wellness world.  
We implement data intelligence solutions to power up your project.

Intelligence, Research and Trend Hacking
100% Specialized VOC  Tools 
Software & App Development 
We build custom digital solutions for your company
Influence Program
Media, Outreach, SEO, and Influencers
How well do you know your customer?
Business Intelligence for the Wellness Industry
We implement data intelligence solutions for companies and individuals who are actively trying to help people improve their quality of life.
Are you looking to grow your wellness project?

Influence Program

Smart Content Wizard 
We want to give your exposure in our platform.  Have an article that describes how you improve people's well-being? Great! You don't? Our editors will write it for you! Use our content wizard to publish and boost wellness content.  Boost your SEO and Ads strategy, let new people discover you.
We develop and build custom software and apps for the natural world.


Custom Solutions for the Wellness Industry
We can design, build and customize that idea you have.
Data Intelligence can help us better understand and measure wellness.  

And by better understanding what people need, we can better help the people in our path of wellness.
We help you sell to the right customer
Sales optimization through better lead qualification.
Engage your database the right way
Increase your sales by leveraging the right content.
Survey your database
Get a holistic analysis of your database.  Optimize your targeting with our industry expertise.
Train the algorithm
implement a machine learning program with their customer base.
How would you rate your current data infrastructure?
The present and future of wellness is data and functionality.

The better we understand our well-being the better we will be able to find resources and use tools to purposely improve our quality of life.  

Our goal is to holistically organize the well-being industry to help people to improve their quality of life. 

Our particular approach serves as a bridge between needs and satisfactors, problems and solutions.

The Wellness Intelligence Platform is all about leveraging digital tools for the wellness industry.  Our incredibly talented team is dedicated to improving quality of life in general.  We are specialized in developing services and tools for the wellness category.
We will help you identify points of improvement and solutions.

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